About SendShit and why can we send shit

Never hold a grudge that's one of the golden rules on living a life that is good but in the event you really hate someone, be sure to stay generous and send a present for him or her with a shit inside! Yes, SendShit, a shit delivery service is here to adapt and grant your request, seem's like a a revenge that is sweet is not it? Initially, what's special with SendShit and the way it works? Send Shit is not only for your enemy but for your buddies also, gag gift somehow can be a great thing to show you care and desire to lift your friend's disposition.

For the individual who gave you a poor rating on eBay or YouTube.
The teacher who has neglected you or simply provides you with the shits.
A present to a salesman or merchant who has swindled you.
Sick of the neighbour's dog pooping in your yard and want to give them back the friendly gift.
For that one buddy who is always discussing shit.
A gag present for the family to enjoy.
To the friend who claims to have it.
For your ex-husband
Someone has a shitty attitude and you would like to brighten upwards their mood.

The client can request a personalised message and also the sender will stay 100% anonymous. Your enemies will never understand who the sender was. Who understands it's going to make them realise that they did something wrong and it's going to make them a better man after receiving a shit.

The packaging may not be fancy and intriguing, it'll boost the recipient's interest and level of surprise from the surprise present.

Normal waste isn't regarded as offensive thus a carton of shit could be a feces sample for diagnostic purposes. SendShit follows all the shipping guidelines of managing the thing with extra attention, creature shit may classify as a hazardous material that's why SendShit is strict and packaging all of their products in specific forms of containers available at pathology collection centres that are entirely sealed.

SendShit.com.au required no enrollment and do not store details of any trade and banking details, therefore it is 100% safe and guaranteed online transaction.

The shit transportation and delivery business show how progressive our society is when you consider it. We do shit once in awhile and may say shit but at least, we usually do not chuck shit at every other's heads. We're civilised we make use of the web to buy shit anonymously and SendShit get more info in bundles that are carefully packed or wrapped. We instead send shit than face our enemies.

100% Anonymity Guaranteed to surprise your victim with a newly laid 500 grams of a box of shit. It will be an excellent gift and an experience your friends and foes will not forget their entire lives!

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